Four Brothers Valkyries Descent Strawberry Mead

Four Brothers Valkyries Descent Strawberry Mead

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A traditional mead aged in fresh strawberries. A natural real fruit sweetness that has been described as subtly perfect.

The first sense you will experience is the smell of strawberries. This is a traditional mead aged in real strawberries. There are no artificial colors, sugars, or flavoring. Just the taste of freshly picked strawberries and honey. This means the strawberry flavor starts off as subtle, but will continue to emerge as the complex flavor of fermented honey and strawberry breaks down on your palate.

Valkyrie are noble maidens bearing the fallen warriors to Valhalla. The mead with strawberries resembles the sweet sight of the Valkyries descent in battle.

16% ABV - 750ml Bottle

Four Brothers Mead is a Veteran Owned and Operated meadery in Missouri. They produce a range of high quality meads like no other. Their recipes start with 100% pure, raw, unfiltered local honey with no added sugars or corn syrup. Producing the flavor of old world mead...the way it was meant to be!