Four Brothers Ironsides Reign Blackberry Mead

Four Brothers Ironsides Reign Blackberry Mead

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A traditional mead aged in fresh blackberries. A rich flavor for such a simple recipe. This semi-dry mead is a favorite when chilled.

This mead has undertones of the company's traditional mead with pleasant notes of blackberry on the front and back. Most refreshing when chilled, this mead has an off-dry sweetness. Its ingredients are simple yet effective. No artificial flavors or sugars, just real mead and blackberries.

Bjorn Ironside, known for his raids along the Mediterranen in the ninth century, plundered imaginable riches. This mead with blackberry and its rich flavors are symbolic of Ironsides reign.

16% ABV - 750m Bottle

Four Brothers Mead is a Veteran Owned and Operated meadery in Missouri. They produce a range of high quality meads like no other. Their recipes start with 100% pure, raw, unfiltered local honey with no added sugars or corn syrup. Producing the flavor of old world mead...the way it was meant to be!