Found North Cask Strength 12yr Single Barrel Whisky

Found North Cask Strength 12yr Single Barrel Whisky

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Season 002, Barrel 009
Recipe: 12 Year Rye, 15 Year Corn, 23 Year Corn, 25 Year Corn
Finished in New Wood, Char #3
Grain 70% Corn, 29% Rye, 1% Barley
55.5% ABV - 111 Proof

Each batch of Found North whisky is a careful selection of casks blended to bring out the best and most distinctive qualities of the chosen whiskies. Every release is unique, but each also builds on previous batches and fits into the unfolding saga of Found North. All of the whiskies are non-chill filtered with no coloring or additives.

The Found North single barrel program captures the precision inherent in blending Canadian whisky and the magic of selecting and bottling single barrels. They use well-aged whiskies to create an initial blend. Then they re-cask that blend into a variety of different barrels, using different oak types and different char levels to create varying flavor profiles and a distinct style for each single barrel.

The program therefore allows Found North to be particular about the starting point of their single barrels, while also creating distinctiveness and individuality from barrel to barrel. Each blend they create that transforms into a batch of single barrels constitutes a “Season.” Every subsequent round of single barrels they release will start with a new and different blend that can be identified by which “Season” is denoted on the label.