Flor de Cana 18 year Old Centario Rum

Flor de Cana 18 year Old Centario Rum

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The beginning of the sugarcane harvest in Chichigalpa and the dry season coincide in early November, after the tropical rainy season ends. The rich aroma of molasses permeates the facilities, signaling the start of a new cycle in the production of Flor de Caa.

Raw Materials: Cane molasses, rich in sugar, is the raw material used in the production of Flor de Caa rums. It is first stored in large tanks and then pumped directly to the fermentation tanks.

Fermentation: As part of the fermentation process, Yeast converts the sugar in the molasses into two products: alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Distillation: After the fermentation process is complete, the fermented "wash" is ready for distillation. They use a highly energy efficient, multiple-effect five column distillation unit. This allows them to simultaneously manufacture different types of top-grade alcohol.

Aging: This rum is aged in small (180 liter) white oak barrels under natural climatic conditions. The barrels are used only once prior to aging which contribute to the unique flavor and aroma of Flor de Caa rums.