Five Nine Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Five Nine Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Made to honor creators, builders, fixers, and doers who measure time by the grit on their hands, not the hands of the clock.

Five Nine is brought to you by the Troll Co. lifestyle brand that celebrates blue-collar America and the small wins after a long day on the job.

This high rye whiskey is made at the 10th oldest distillery in Kentucky, located in Owensboro. The distillery has long standing relationships with local farmers and uses 100% Kentucky-grown corn to add fresh, bright notes and a clean finish.

Rye adds a bold character and full body to this whiskey - ask any distiller and they'll tell you rye is hard to work with - but the distillers at Five Nine don't shy away from hard work.

• 70% Locally grown KY corn
• 21% Winter Rye
• 9% Malted 2 and 6 row Barley

Deep copper

Cherry and spiced toffee with hints of dark chocolate

Baking spice balanced by notes of cornbread, maple and caramel

Rich and lingering

45% ABV - 90 Proof