Effen Vodka

Effen Vodka

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In Dutch, effen means smooth, even and balanced. Imported from Holland, Effen Vodka has an ultra smooth taste and sleek packaging. Based on a centuries old Dutch recipe from Northern Holland, it offers a clean, crisp citrus entry with subtle vanilla notes, a distinct sweetness on the palate and smooth, balanced finish. Effen is encased in a white rubber wrapped bottle offering a nonslip grip, enhanced insulation and striking appearance. Available in Chicago and Las Vegas.

Effen means:
Smooth, even balanced.

Effen Vodka uses continuous distillation and is filtered through peat, not charcoal. This process removes all impurities and congeners. Impurities can alter the taste of the distillate and increase the intensity of hangovers.

Effen Vodka feels good when you pour it. The rubber sleeve keeps Effen Vodka cold longer than glass for bottle service and ice-cold martini cocktails.

Effen Vodka is distilled at significantly lower temperatures than other vodkas. This eliminates caramelization, an occurrence that yields a harshness and bite on the palate.