Early Times Kentucky Whiskey

Early Times Kentucky Whiskey

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**The official Mint Julep whisky for the Kentucky Derby.**

Early Times was founded in Shively, Kentucky in 1860 by Jack Beam, uncle of Jim. The distillery's core product was a bourbon up until 1983, when they decided to age the whisky in seasoned barrels instead of new charred oak, thus changing the label requirement to "Kentucky Whisky."

Early Times is crafted from a traditional whisky mashbill, or recipe, of corn, rye and malted barley. Rye adds a spicy, lively character to whisky. Corn adds sweetness. Malted barley gives it a malty, cocoa, cereal taste.

Early Times ranks as one of the top four selling bourbons in the world, and in 2005 it became the top selling Kentucky whisky in Japan. Today, the brand is sold in over 40 countries.

80 Proof, 40% ABV