E&J Brandy 50ml - 10pk

E&J Brandy 50ml - 10pk

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Light, crisp and refreshing, E & J Brandy V.S. is the original of the E & J family. First produced in 1975, this award-winning brandy is the top-selling brandy in America because of its versatility. Using locally grown grapes from California, it provides tastes of brown spice, vanilla, and dried fruit that are sweet, smooth and relaxing.

At 40 percent ABV, it's also delightful to the palate, eliminating the dreaded harsh drink face that's often accompanied by a scrunched nose and frown. Unless that's the look you're going for, E & J Brandy V.S. is a solid choice.

If you're a bit of a purist, this brandy is a vehicle to get you to the ultimate level of purity. Drinking it neat allows you to sift through every bit of its aromas and tastes, and if you grab a snifter, you're sure to enjoy it like some sort of brandy-drinking king or queen.

While drinking it neat is an adventure, E & J Brandy's versatility is apparent with the sheer number of drinks you can make. A traditionalist should try this brandy in classic concoctions like an E & J with cola or E & J with ginger beer. If you're recreating the feel of a speakeasy, you might even go for a Sidecar. Made with equal parts E & J, triple sec and lemon juice, you may need to put on a big band record to complete the deal, but it's well worth it.