Dos Primos Tequila Blanco

Dos Primos Tequila Blanco

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Dos Primos Tequila is distilled from 100% blue agave grown right in the heart of tequila country. Taste the history of the land in every sip.

Clear and bright as a starlit night

Notes of freshly-picked herbs, followed by summer citrus and blooming floral cues

Cooked agave with earthy herbal hints on the front palate, followed by zested citrus

Elegant and smooth on the palate

Strong botanical finish

40% ABV - 80 Proof

Spanish for “Two Cousins,” Dos Primos was dreamed up by cousins Jeff Worn and country singer Thomas Rhett, who wanted to create a tequila that blended Mexican tradition with southern sensibility.

Dos Primos is hand-grown, distilled and bottled by the González family, fourth-generation tequila craftsmen with a reputation for perfection. From sun-baked porches to starlit campfires, Dos Primos is a tequila that makes anywhere glimmer a little brighter. Dos Primos Tequila’s smooth-sippin’ agave flavor invites you to take a moment and drink in the beauty of your surroundings. Master Distiller Rodolfo González makes sure every drop of Dos Primos is as good as the last.