Devils River Bourbon Whiskey

Devils River Bourbon Whiskey

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Great whiskey starts with great water. That’s why the award-winning Devils River Whiskey starts with the exceptionally pure, fresh limestone-filtered water from the Devils River region.

Devils River Bourbon is high-rye Whiskey. Dialing back on the corn and doubling up on the rye, this bourbon has that wonderful “bite” that high-rye whiskeys are celebrated for. Experience a bold start followed by a medley of oak, honey, and caramel that lead to a warm and sweet sinfully smooth finish.

The whiskey is finished with a proprietary chill filtration process. Chill filtration removes impurities and softens the finish without compromising the whiskey’s flavor. The result is a deep amber color and award-winning taste.

Devils River Bourbon Whiskey has been awarded 18 medals, 8 of which were gold. Most recently, the bourbon was awarded 91 points at the USA Spirits Ratings in 2019.

This beautiful bourbon has a deep caramel color.

Slightly peppery with ripe fruit, vanilla and nutmeg.

Starts peppery and quickly transitions into an oaky,honey, caramel medley.

Smooth and warm with a soft mouthfeel.

45% ABV - 90 Proof