Damrak Amsterdam Gin

Damrak Amsterdam Gin

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While most people were still under the impression that the world was flat, the Dutch were busy sailing to and from faraway lands in search of exotic cargo. From the early 1600s through most of the 1800s, the Dutch East India Company held a monopoly on the spice trade from Indonesia, Ceylon and the Spice Islands. Ships would return to the DAMRAK (Amsterdams inner harbour). The DAMRAK became an important mooring place for merchant ships arriving from and departing to exotic ports of call around the world. Established as a center of world trade, the city of Amsterdam flourished and expanded.

In the early 16th century, Gin (derived from the Dutch word for juniper genever) was invented as a remedy for a variety of ailments. Lucas Bols, with his ability for free thinking saw beyond its curative powers and, according to the legend, began distilling jenever in 1575. Lucas Bols established a simple distillery in the country outside Amsterdam. He used the spices and herbs brought back by the Dutch East India Company to blend and distill his product. In return, the soldiers and sailors of the Dutch East India Company became loyal Bols customers and carried his Jenever around the world.

Lucas Bols and his company, the oldest continuing distillery in the world, has honed the art of gin making and in celebration of more than four centuries of gin making, we proudly offer the world DAMRAK Amsterdam Gin.

The Master Distiller, beginning with exotic fruits, berries and spices in their natural state (never from extract), created DAMRAK Amsterdam Gin from a recipe that dates back to the 1700s. With its trace of malt attributing to its extraordinary smooth finish, DAMRAK Amsterdam Gin combines no less than 17 botanicals and is distilled five times for unparalleled clarity in a refreshing 83.6 proof spirit that is pure Dutch.
Handsomely packaged in a bottle shape reminiscent of the original

Bols stoneware crock and featuring a unique stopper, DAMRAK Amsterdam Gin is a true Dutch Masterpiece suitable for sharing with friends or placing on display.

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