Compass Box Art & Decadence Blended Scotch Whisky

Compass Box Art & Decadence Blended Scotch Whisky

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Oscar Wilde wrote that “we live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities”. The age in question was the late nineteenth century, when the Aesthetic Movement gave rise to the Decadent Movement, where more was always more. Art was made for the sake of art; there were no ulterior motives. Similarly, a whisky like Art & Decadence may not be strictly a necessity – and that is the whole, glorious point.

Art & Decadence is built on malt whisky from the Balmenach Distillery, finished separately for almost a year in not one but three different ex-wine casks. Madeira, Sauternes and Marsala are all at home with dessert, and they bring succulence, preserved fruit notes and honeyed character to the underlying meaty sweetness of Balmenach.

Compass Box has layered in malt whisky from the Linkwood Distillery, aged in Palo Cortado sherry-seasoned butts, and malt whisky from the Glen Moray Distillery, finished in Oloroso sherry-seasoned butts. Grain whisky from the now-closed Port Dundas Distillery adds silk and gloss.

Rich and aromatic on the nose with red apples, waxed wood and wine notes. Creamy, with a licorice aroma. Banana, toffee and custard blended with Sauternes. On the palate, notes of dried fruit – golden raisin, apricot, apple and plenty of vanilla. Lingering flavors of dark chocolate and fragrant oak.

49% ABV