Chivas Regal 12yr Blended Scotch

Chivas Regal 12yr Blended Scotch

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Chivas 12 is a classic for a reason. Made up of the finest malt and grain Scotch whiskies, this 12-year-old blended Scotch whisky is Chivas' signature status blend – and never fails to deliver.

Chivas' signature 12-year-old whisky is a blend of iconic Speyside flavors. Over the years, their Master Blenders have maintained the classic taste created in the 19th century by the pioneers of blended Scotch whisky, founders John and James Chivas.

Only the finest malt and grain whiskies lie within Chivas 12. Within the 12-year-old Scotch whiskies that go into Chivas' signature blend you’ll find Strathisla single malt, Strathclyde single grain and more to create a whisky that’s remarkably smooth.

Distinctive Speyside flavors of crisp orchard fruits, wild heather and sweet honey can be found in every sip of Chivas 12, with a rich and generous taste that’s synonymous with the Chivas house style.

A variety of casks are used for maturation of the 12-year-old Scotch whiskies that make up this blend, leading to a greater depth and character.

An aromatic infusion of wild herbs, heather, honey and orchard fruits.

Round and creamy with a full, rich taste of honey and ripe pears alongside vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch notes.

Rich and lingering.

40% ABV