Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21yr Scotch

Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21yr Scotch

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Royal Salute is an exceptional blend of very rare whiskies. Acknowledged by connoisseurs as the worlds foremost super premium blended Scotch whisky, Royal salute was created by the Chivas Brothers, makers of Chivas Regal, to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Recent Awards as Best Blended Scotch at the International Spirits Challenge and a Best Spirit Blended Scotch in the 2002 Beverage Testing Institute have confirmed that Royal Salute is one of the worlds leading Scotch whiskies.

When you pour yourself a glass of Royal Salute, the first thing you will notice is its rich golden color. Investigate a little more closely and you will sense a balance of fruity, floral, and smoky fragrances.

Then, as you savor each sip, an exciting combination of deep, sweet, nutty, smooth, full-bodied flavors reveal themselves; developing into a long, warm and satisfying finish.

Why 21 years old you might ask? 21 is an important designation as it refers to the 21-gun-salute, for generations a form of honor and respect to sovereigns and dignitaries.

Be aware that there are 3 different colors for the ceramic decanters (sapphire, ruby, and emerald), but the spirit is the same.

40% ABV