Chattanooga Whiskey Silver Oak Cabernet Cask Finish

Chattanooga Whiskey Silver Oak Cabernet Cask Finish

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Introducing the third release of Chattanooga Whiskey's Barrel Finishing Series: Silver Oak Cabernet Cask Finished. The limited edition finishing series celebrates the union of Tennessee High Malt into a variety of classic finishing casks. Crafted from a combination of unique whiskey mash bills, each containing over 25% specialty malt, each batch is made to complement the flavor characteristics of the finishing barrel.

For the third finish in the series, distillers sought out barrels from one of America’s most iconic wineries – Silver Oak Cellars. Sourced from the Alexander Valley region of Sonoma’s North Coast, these Cabernet Sauvignon casks highlight the California winemaker’s new world approach – which marries the red fruit & savory notes from the varietal, with the caramel & spice character of toasted American oak.

To highlight and enhance the qualities of these finishing barrels, distillers selected a range of 5 single malt mash bills, each containing a range of toasted, roasted & caramel malts – including a custom-toasted barley malt developed with friends at Riverbend Malt House in Asheville, NC. Aged for greater than 4 years, including over 18 months in the Cabernet barrels, the result showcases a dynamic balance between bold flavors of malt, fruit & toasted oak – highlighting the best best of both wine & whiskey.

Tasting notes: Mixed berry, toasted oak, thyme & molasses, with a long, malty finish

95 Proof - 47.5% ABV