Chattanooga Whiskey 91: Tennessee High Malt

Chattanooga Whiskey 91: Tennessee High Malt

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Tennessee High Malt is a rich, malt-forward approach to bourbon. Made from the finest malted grains, each step of the process has been crafted to highlight the complexity of these ingredients. The distillery's signature Tennessee High Malt recipe – known as “Barrel 91” – was selected from the first 100 barrels produced at an Experimental Distillery.

Made from 4 grains, including 3 select specialty malts, Tennessee High Malt starts with an attemperated 7-day fermentation. This extended process highlights both the rich, high-malt character while also adding a nuanced, fruity complexity to the spirit. After fermentation, each batch is distilled in a custom 30ft. column still before being laid to age in two types of charred & toasted oak barrels. This combination of cooperage imparts a balanced, confection-rich character to the aged whiskey, while also harmonizing with its malty-rich character.

After aging more than 2 years, Chattanooga Whiskey 91 utilizes the distillery's version of the solera finishing process - bringing together nearly 100 barrels into a 4000-gallon, charred, white oak Solera finishing barrel, which rarely goes empty.

Yellow Corn, Malted Rye, Caramel Malted Barley & Honey Malted Barley

Greater than 2 years

91 Proof - 44.5% ABV

Toasted & Charred Oak Barrels, 53 gallon

Charred Oak Solera Barrel, 4000 gallon

8-12 barrels


Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Dried apricot, sweet tea and honeyed toast. Medium bodied with a lingering, malty-sweet finish.