Casar De Burbia El Castanel Grano A Grano

Casar De Burbia El Castanel Grano A Grano

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The color is bright and captivating, glossy, simply enticing.

On the nose, it is a gem: fresh red and black fruit aromas, memories of blackberries, cranberries, sloes, raspberries inundate the pituitary. An insulting sweetness, that is made complete with subtle notes of oak that is more than melted into the wine: vanilla and clove, a light touch of smoke-toast.

The finish, with fresh notes of thyme and rosemary make it more exciting, if possible.

On the palate, it is a sweet: silky upon entry, the wine is velvety, full-bodied with a juicy texture, sweet and integrated tannins. It expands along the sides of the mouth, gliding elegantly. The finish is intoxicating. It is followed by a palpable acidity, which furthermore refreshes.

It is a current wine that has an approachable side that is enjoyed from the very beginning, but it also hides many surprises and complexities within that can only be discovered with the passing of time, which promises to be spectacular. 600 bottles of pure magic!