Bradshaw Rye Whiskey

Bradshaw Rye Whiskey

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Bradshaw Rye Whiskey is distilled by a third-generation Master Distiller at one of the oldest distilleries in the nation. It's bottled at 51.9% as a tribute to Terry Bradshaw's passing completion rate of 51.9%. Aged a minimum of 2 years in new charred oak.

Peppercorn, Brown Sugar, Rye Spice

Peach, Rye Spice, Brown Sugar

Rye Spice, Vanilla

51.9% ABV - 103.8 Proof

Among one of the most successful Quarterbacks in the history of the league, it is Terry Bradshaw who most embodies the nature of success and world-class sportsmanship.

Drafted number one overall in 1970, Terry Bradshaw had one of the most iconic and memorable careers in the history of the league. Intensely eager to reach the top, Bradshaw did not hesitate to take on the NFL with full force. From day one in the league, it was known by many that Bradshaw would have an extremely successful career.

Now, Bradshaw focuses his resources on philanthropic tasks such as funding projects to bring solar powered wells to the struggling communities in East Africa.