Boxer Gin

Boxer Gin

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The Boxer is a juniper forward, London Dry style of gin with unprecedented vibrancy and complexity. The juniper backbone is distilled from the world's finest berries, foraged from the slopes of Mount Everest in the Upper Himalaya. These extra dry top notes are set against fresh juicy citrus in the form of lemon, orange and bergamot and a background of rich woody spice and aromatic floral roots.

The Boxer difference is most apparent on the nose and on the finish, which are deeper, richer and longer than is usual. The vibrancy of The Boxer's principal aromatics stands up exceptionally well to tonic, remaining clear even on heavy dilution. When drunk neat or as a gin martini, the softness and luxurious texture of Boxer Gin is most apparent and extremely welcome.

45% ABV - 90 Proof

Gold Medal Winner at The World Spirit Awards.