Booker's Small Batch Bourbon

Booker's Small Batch Bourbon

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63.95% ABV - 127.9 Proof
Age: 6 years 5 months

Award: Gold Medal Bourbon - Wine Enthusiast

Part of Jim Beam's "Small Batch Collection", this cask strength, non chill filtered bourbon was first given out as gifts by Booker Noe before being made available to the public in 1992. Aged between 6-8 years and bottled anywhere from 120-130 proof it's a bourbon with a bite. A new batch is released every few months.

Aromas of vanilla, caramel and “sweet brown” wood sugar flavors

Unique, yet unmistakably Booker’s Bourbon

Pleasant, warm finish, both sweet and spicy

The batch is made up of barrels from three production dates that were aged in six different rackhouse locations. The deep rich color of Tagalong Batch comes from the mid-to-high rackhouse floor locations where these barrels have matured. With pronounced aromas of caramel and vanilla, balanced with the “sweet brown” wood sugar flavor notes from the charred white oak barrels, this batch carries a bold flavor with a surprisingly clean finish - making you want to come back for another sip.

This batch celebrates the way Fred Noe's dad, Booker Noe, learned the ropes at the distillery - by ‘tagging along’ with his grandfather and great grandfather, Jim Beam.