Blue Wing Rye Whiskey

Blue Wing Rye Whiskey

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Blue Wing Rye Whiskey was made in St. Louis, MO from the 1880s up until 1920. Charles Henry Wittenberg was the founder of C. H. Wittenberg Distilling Company, the owner of the Blue Wing Rye Whiskey brand. The C.H. Wittenberg Distilling Company once was one of the largest whiskey distilleries in Saint Louis, MO. Before Prohibition, there were about 15 distillers in St. Louis. Unfortunately, like all liquor manufacturers, the death knell for them occurred with the start of Prohibition in 1920. None started back in business after Prohibition ended, and so it was with the C.H. Wittenberg Distilling Company and the Blue Wing brand.

Over 100 years after the Volstead Act put C.H. Wittenberg Distilling Co. out of business, the distillery is back in business! C.H. Wittenberg’s descendants, in partnership with Square One Restaurant & Distillery owners’ Steve Neukomm and Molly McKenna, are collaborating to recreate the flavor and quality of this St. Louis based spirit that was put out business by Prohibition.

Back in August of 2018, the company began distilling batches of Blue Wing Rye Whiskey and putting them away in 15 gallon barrels. They have been making batches every other month since. Today, they are releasing whiskey that has been aged 2+ years in 15 gallon Missouri White Oak charred barrels. In total, they have about 1200 bottles of Blue Wing Rye Whiskey aging in 15 gallon barrels.

90 Proof - 45% ABV

60% Rye, 15% Caramelized Rye, 25% Smoked Barley Malt