Blackland Bourbon Whiskey

Blackland Bourbon Whiskey

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Blackland’s small batch bourbon showcases reverence for the American bourbon legacy while delivering a wholly distinct expression. Corn, barley and a wheat forward blend offers a rich and creamy body with the finish of a classic bourbon.

41.5% ABV

Blackland has partnered exclusively with TexMalt of Fort Worth to source locally grown, unique Texas grain as the foundation of its spirits. Traditional methods combine with innovative aging and infusing technology to craft vodka, gin and whiskies that are unquestionably classic, and distinctively original.

The Blackland Prairie runs from the Red River to the North down to San Antonio in the South. Lightning fires cleared the land for native tall grass to thrive in the rich dark soil. Working through established practices and challenging convention at each turn, Blackland has Remastered spirits bringing new life into every sip.