Bauchant Orange Liqueur

Bauchant Orange Liqueur

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Bauchant melds together a soft texture from the aged Cognac and the flavors of orange and honey to generate a flavor that starts and ends fruit forward.

The cognac base is a combination of precious reserves of fine quality VS and VSOP Cognac; while the orange flavor profile, a unique creation to the category, uses both bitter and sweet oranges. In order to achieve the perfect orange blossom flavor profile, Bauchaunt utilizes 3 different orange varieties: Andalusian, Mandarin, and Tangerine. This combination creates a cohesive nose to palate profile, fresh and light and orange forward, with a slight hint of honey on the finish.


Delicate aromas of orange and tangerine.

Complex and elegant with intense fruit flavors underscored by notes of caramel and butterscotch.

Ideal as an ingredient in margaritas, cosmopolitans and other cocktails, as well as in many popular dessert recipes.

40% ABV