Baraky Japanese Whisky

Baraky Japanese Whisky

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Baraky is produced by SAN Foods, which is located in Koshu City, Japan. They have manufactured and sold liquor since 1976. Their company philosophy is "Good Products and Harmony".

The company has produced whisky since 2014 in the Nirasaki Distiley, located in the Japanese Alps. Their distillery is in a mild climate with a unique environment. Their pure water source creates the smooth drinkability and balanced flavor in the whisky.

Baraky Whisky is matured in oak and sherry casks. It has a pale gold color and tastes of biscuit, vanill and honey. The aroma has subtle hints of oak and caramel with smooth sweet pepper finish. Baraky offers a marvelous experience which you will never forget!

Round, with sweet spices on a woody background. Develops in depth on notes of vanilla, oak and caramel. All in woody notes, very elegant.

8% Malt, 46% Barley & Rye

Baraky contains a blend of whiskies with an average age of 2-3 years.

700ml - 40% ABV

Double Gold, 2021 - SIP Awards