Balcones Brimstone Smoked Whisky

Balcones Brimstone Smoked Whisky

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This one-of-a-kind whisky is smoked with sun-baked Texas scrub oak using Balcones' own secret process. The result is a whisky full of fresh, youthful corn and light fruit notes married with a bold smokiness. Whether you like smoky whiskies, or just have a penchant for big, new flavors, Brimstone is sure to be a memorable pour. Aromas of masa, Texas campfire and powdered sugar backed by stone fruit, peppery spice, and mint. Bold yet balanced, Brimstone is yet another Texas original from Balcones.

Confectioners' sugar, cold-smoked butter, corn husk, BBQ pit, stone fruit, chili peppers and graham crackers

Candied oak smoke, English pipe tobacco, butter, orange marmalade, fruit cocktail, sweet tea, chili peppers

Long dry finish, herbal/mint ends in a mineralness as smoke returns

53% ABV