Atxa Pacharan Sierra de Orduna

Atxa Pacharan Sierra de Orduna

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Destilerías Acha is one of the oldest businesses incontinuous operation in the Basque Country of Spain. Destilerías Acha grew and gained recognition as one of Spain’s top distilleries until it began to fall into neglect in the 1980s, but when Gabriel Acha took control of the distillery in 2002, he brought it back to solid ground. Gabriel’s revitalization renewed traditional products like the Pacharán Acha and traditional Basque vermouths, and drew inspiration from the example of founder Manuel Acha in exploring new territory.

Acha’s Pacharán Sierra de Orduña bottling represents the original historic recipe for this regional liqueur. It is made from local sloe fruit which grow wild in the hillsides surrounding the Artomaña Valley vineyards, home of Arabako Txakolina. These locally harvested stone fruits are then macerated with neutral grape alcohol that has been distilled five times. Another batch of this alcohol is used to macerate three types of anise – star anise, aniseed, and coriander – and is then distilled once more. Once both macerations are complete, these two products are blended with sugar and alcohol to create this classic Pacharán.

A body of pure, tart plum flavor structured by baking spice and star anise. Finishes with a cooling, minty accent. Plenty of complexity for an easy drinking digestif.

Pacharán is traditionally served as a digestif after a large meal, either served chilled as a shot or in a brandy snifter over large cubed ice. In cocktails, Pacharán can be used in sparkling wine or txakoli as a fresh take on a Spritz, or used in small amounts to enliven other ingredients, such as in a Sazerac or Manhattan.

25% ABV