Arran 10yr Single Malt Scotch 700ml

Arran 10yr Single Malt Scotch 700ml

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Arran's classic 10 Year Old Single Malt encompasses the unique taste of the beautiful island the distillery calls home and is one of the best single malt whiskies Scotland has to offer.

Don't just take their word for it! Their award-winning whisky has had plenty of recognition throughout the years, even being named one of the 20 defining whiskies of the past 20 years! (Malt Advocate 20th Anniversary Issue 2011)

Luscious citrus fruits

The initial rush of rich vanilla sweetness gives way to a touch of cinnamon which adds a spicy edge to the soft and sweet texture. The classic Arran citrus notes have rounded with age and reveal new depths of character against a background of sweet oak.

Sweetness, Apple, Citrus, Cinnamon.

46% ABV

2019, Gold
World Whiskies Awards

2019, Gold, 95pts

2018, Double Gold
SF World Spirits Competition

2014, Double Gold
China Wine & Spirits Awards

2012, Gold
SF World Spirits Competition