Aelred Melon Aperitif

Aelred Melon Aperitif

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Aelred Melon is a craft aperitif born under the sun of Provence. It’s made from Cavaillon melons, grown in the unique soil of Provence in the South of France, and harvested at maturity for an intensity of taste and optimal flavors.

Richly aromatic, this fruity aperitif is the ideal base for a laid-back, Southern French-inspired spritz. Alternatively, drink it neat over crushed ice or mix with sparkling water, lemonade, tonic or in cocktails.

Orange yellow with golden reflections. Clear & shiny

Ripe melon, juicy flesh, combined with a soft sweet taste

Powerful and fruity nose of ripe of melon

Good length on the palate, sweet fruit persistence

12% ABV