Waterford Organic Gaia Edition 2.1

Waterford Organic Gaia Edition 2.1

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Distilled: Week 11 2017
Maturation: 4yrs 2mos 7 days
Bottled: August 2021
# of Bottles: 30,000
Edition: 2.1
50% ABV

Barrel Composition: 39% First Fill US, 17% Virgin US, 19% Premium French, 25% Vin Doux Naturel (sweet fortified wine)

Golden peach with super rich and thick oils on the glass.

Orange peel, fresh soil, bread crust, brown sugar, milk chocolate, fresh fruit salad, fig roll biscuits, lavender, sweet marshmallows, butter milk.

Spicy, white pepper, grapefruit, dry heat, licorice, cherries, coco powder, wine gums, dry toast, salted peanuts, lemon zest.

A dry spice dance that tangos and waltz's like a happy couple into the golden peach sunset.

The Arcadian Series of alt-barley is where Waterford champions those maverick growers whose inspirational ethos & way of life respects the land and the old ways in the pursuit of flavor over yield imperative. For the first time, they dip into a new vintage: the 2016 organic harvest. Once again Gaia, neopagan goddess & a personification of Mother Earth herself, is the standard bearer for the celebration of this vibrant new edition of Ireland’s only whisky to be distilled from organic Irish barley.

2022, Gold - NY Int'l Spirits Comp.