Waterford Biodynamic Luna Edition 1.1

Waterford Biodynamic Luna Edition 1.1

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Distilled: Week 10 2018
Maturation: 3yrs 2mos 1 day
Bottled: September 2021
# of Bottles: 21,000
Edition: 1.1
50% ABV

Barrel Composition: 35% First Fill US, 17% Virgin US, 26% Premium French, 22% Vin Doux Naturel (sweet fortified wine)

Apricot gold

Plums, apricot jam, fresh fruit salad, cold coffee, lemon drizzle cake, milk chocolate with almonds, fresh soil, bread proofing, brown sugar, herbal tea, hay on the ground after a shower of rain.

Spice on every level, front, middle, back and in between, white pepper, cloves, green peppers, jalapenos, dark chocolate, licorice, malted biscuits and peppermint tea, grapefruit.

An everlasting heat and spice that’s dry but is mouth-watering, with some mint tea. It has more of a linger and less of a finish.

Eccentric to some, regenerative to others, biodynamic agriculture goes beyond the ordinary ecological mindset. Drawing upon ancient lore of lunar cycles & exotic preparations, it seeks to charge soils with vitality & barley with vibrancy. Practiced by the most visionary & curious, the distillers at Waterford are also intrigued about the most natural flavors they can capture in spirit. For this landmark whisky, distilled from Ireland’s only biodynamic barley, they invoke the goddess of the moon for their most esoteric & evocative bottling.

2022, Gold - NY Int'l Spirits Comp.