Cooranbong Vodka

Cooranbong Vodka

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From the worlds oldest continent where the ancient worn landscape personalities the rugged, independent nature and youthful energy of her people comes a premium vodka steeped in the rich Australian history.

CooranBong is born from this contrasting yet intriguing mix of culture and history. CooranBong is distilled ten times from a fusion of pure Australian water & premium grapes grown in Australias finest vineyards in & around the Barossa Valley.

Distilled ten times for purity and taste, CooranBong is only surpassed in complexity by the region it hails from.

Inspired by the mystical beliefs of the Aborigines known as dreamtime, CooranBong pulls its distinction from the Aboriginal belief that humans have two souls, one mortal and one immortal. They believe that their vodka has two souls as well, the first soul, immortal, timeless like the land carved and shaped by the creation ancestors that formed the all natural ingredients used in CooranBong.

The other soul, pure energy, is distilled from the life giving waters of a thousand year old spring rising up magically from seemingly nothing in the middle of the driest region in Australia. That spring forms the core of this highly distinctive vodka.

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