Rare Perfection 14yr Canadian Whisky

Rare Perfection 14yr Canadian Whisky

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A true connoisseur finds those elusive moments of Rare Perfection for their passion of choice perhaps a handful of times in life. Before bottling one of their unique treasures, Rare Perfection Distillery makes sure all of the elements marry flawlessly, and the product inside stands up to their name.

The same people responsible for bottling Very Olde St. Nick and Wattie Boone have also created Rare Perfection.

The barrels for Rare Perfection 14 year were found in the back of a warehouse when the new owners of the distillery took over. They sampled these barrels and found them to be amazing, so wanted more details. It turns out, these aged casks were made of new charred oak and filled with a Waterloo, Canada distilled four grain bourbon mashbill. They aged in the single level warehouse which maintained extremely cold temperatures year round. Because of this atypical bourbon aging environment the interaction with the wood was dramatically slowed and the final result after 14 years is indeed, "Rare Perfection."

50.35% ABV - 100.7 Proof