R. Griesedieck Old Scenter White Dog Unaged Corn Whiskey

R. Griesedieck Old Scenter White Dog Unaged Corn Whiskey

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Griesedieck Brothers Brewing Corporation has a long and distinguished tradition in Saint Louis and the Midwest. From two brothers - young emigrants from Stromberg, Germany in the 1870s - came generations of brewers who have been dedicated to crafting high-quality beer, and more recently, spirits.

Old Scenter was H.L. Griesedieck’s best selling product. This whiskey depicted hunting scenes and dogs sniffing for the prize. With a chance of a raid during Prohibition, it was too risky for distilleries to age their spirits and drinking barreled aged whiskey at the bar was dangerous. Mixed cocktails became the rage.

"Tradition says that my family once made a whiskey called "Old Scenter". Only my imagination can tell me what it tasted like, but the perfect combination of corn, rye, and barley mashed together then aged in wood casks long enough, the master blender is destined to create a golden liquid with rich flavors of vanilla, oak and caramel. Bourbon whiskey runs hand and hand with the rise of the American distillery. Our company decided to make its own bourbon, and while we decided to let most of it age over the next few years, we released a small portion of that unaged whiskey in its prime." -R. Griesedieck

40% ABV - 80 Proof