Padro & Co. Rojo Clasico Vermouth

Padro & Co. Rojo Clasico Vermouth

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The base wine is made with Macabeo and Xarello grapes from the Padró family’s own vines. After the first winter, they add their special red vermouth herb formula to make a base coupage which they then leave to rest and evolve in barrels for between nine and twelve months. These barrels originally contained sherry, after which they were used for a time to transport wine and Padro & Co. have now adapted them for vermouth storage.

Aromas of sweet spices, cinnamon and clove, in particular, as well as tones of candied fruits.

A creamy and fresh palate followed by memories of slightly bitter Mediterranean herbs.

Vermouth made from a unique infusion of aromatic herbs and aged in the barrel before bottling at the Padro & Co. winery.

18% ABV