Menaud Gin

Menaud Gin

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Fermented from wheat and rye grown on L’Isle-aux-Coudres (in Quebec, Canada) and then twice distilled. Local botanicals are then added during the third distillation, which really highlights the Charlevoix essence of the final product. The saltiness of the glasswort provides a nice balance to the woody, citrus notes. Rounded out by a peppery, floral finish reminiscent of the refreshing breeze so familiar to the area.

75% Wheat and 25% Rye

Botanicals: Juniper berry, Coriander, Sumac, Glasswort, Barberry, Elderberry, Wild caraway, Balsam poplar, Amber flower, Black spruce, Woolly hedgenettle, Celery root, and Alder pepper.

42% ABV