Lagrimas del Valle 2023 El Sabino Plata

Lagrimas del Valle 2023 El Sabino Plata

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Lagrimas del Valle is a vintage, Rancho Unico (Single Ranch) Tequila, celebrating the unique and distinctive characteristics of the very best single ranches of Agave. Lagrimas will be presented in Vintages (2022 is the first). Each Vintage will be harvested from a single field. The terroir of each Rancho will present a tequila that differs in flavor and aroma from all other harvests.

Lagrimas is produced in collaboration with the Rosales family of Tequila Cascahuin, led by current Master Distiller Salvador "Chava" Rosales Trejo. He is a fourth generation Master Distiller, with the first generation dating back to 1904 in El Arenal, Jalisco.

Lagrimas del Valle translates to "Tears of the Valley", representing the tears that form both on a tasting class from high quality agave spirits, as well as the "tears" or condensed spirits falling into the still, which is the transformation of agave into tequila.

Rancho Location: Teuchitlan, Jalisco

46% ABV - 2023 Edition