Killepitsch Krauter Liqueur

Killepitsch Krauter Liqueur

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Award winning, premium herbal liqueur, Killepitsch, has been voted by an international jury again and again as one of the "Best Spirits" in the world. Consisting of over 98 organic herbs, berries, and fruits from all over the world and ripened in ancient clay containers, Killepitsch is truly a complex burst of flavors. The recipe has been a family secret for over 70 years and continues to combine tradition with state of the art advances in the industry to conquer new markets and new generations of users. Let it convince you, as an ice-cold shot or longdrink.

We too, as a traditional manufacturer of premium herbal liqueur are taking part in globalization. "Our company is experiencing change", says Peter Busch, owner and CEO of Killepitsch.

From the moment Peter Busch took control of Killepitsch, the company has changed from a local supplier into a global player - "It is a small cultural revolution for Dusseldorf, which has enjoyed wider global recognition, hand in hand, with the growth of our company."

"In order to succeed on a national as well as on an international level, Killepitsch has managed to embrace its traditional heritage with the fast paced changes in world markets in order to remain relevant and fulfill its corporate vision." - World of fine Liqueur Drinks and Products