Hussong's Tequila Silver Crock

Hussong's Tequila Silver Crock

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Hussong’s Silver is tequila in its purest form. Unaged and crystal clear, this tequila is crisp, smooth, and full of 100% Agave flavor.

40% ABV - 80 Proof

Butterscotch, vanilla, sweet agave, lemon/lime, light citrus, lemon peel, spearmint, bell pepper, bright vegetal, fresh cut grass, white pepper, earth, and a hint of brine.

Butterscotch, powdered sugar, whipped cream, vanilla, grilled pineapple, Meyer lemon, full agave, vegetal, fresh grass, coffee grinds, earth, tobacco leaf, creamy, and a silky mouthfeel.

Clementine orange, pineapple, plantains, cooked agave, vanilla, spice, white pepper, tannins, oak barrel, nice, clean, and smooth.