Hakutsuru Plum Wine

Hakutsuru Plum Wine

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A pleasing fruity plum aroma characterizes this semi-sweet wine with slightly tart, bright and tangy notes. A perfect aperitif or dessert wine.

A true umeshu, Hakutsuru Plum Wine is produced from choice Japanese plums, called “ume.” Crafted using a highly developed fermentation technique, the result is a refreshing, slightly tart, semi-sweet wine.

Hakutsuru is located in the famed Nada district of Kobe, a leading saké production area. The name Hakutsuru means “white crane”. The crane’s reserved character and graceful appearance along with the cultural association of seeing a crane in flight as an auspicious sign, makes the crane an ideal symbol to represent the excellent quality of Hakutsuru’s saké.

This bottle is 750ml.