Dachshund Riesling

Dachshund Riesling

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This is a carefully crafted wine from the German Rheinhessen region. Vines are grown along the rolling hills of the Rhine River. Rheinhessen, the largest German wine-growing area has an 1000+ year old tradition of wine-growing.

The wine is full flavored with both pear and citrus fruit aromas. Stimulating on the palate, as well fresh and fruity it has a nice sweetness balanced with the typical crisp Riesling acidity and a long-lasting finish.

Like the Riesling, Dachshunds are clearly influenced by their place of origin. Amusing, clever, affectionate and brave, they are cunning rascals at heart and very curious creatures. Like this crisp Riesling, Dachshund is a tribute to their proud German ancestry. Enjoy a glass of this clever little hound with friends. Woof!

9.5% ABV