Bauer's Obstler Apple & Pear Brandy - 1 Liter

Bauer's Obstler Apple & Pear Brandy - 1 Liter

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Bauer’s Obstler is an Apple and Pear Brandy Naturally Distilled in Salzburg with Alpine Mountain Real Fruit.

An old Bauer family recipe, this Obstler (“Obst” German word for fruit) dates back 4 generations of winemaking and distillation - nearly two centuries later, the company hasn't changed a thing.

Bauer's select, hand-picked fruit gives this Obstler the scent of juicy fruit accompanied by floral notes with a medium finish. Best served chilled after a meal or simply with friends

Fun Fact: Bauer’s Obstler is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Drink of Choice!

40% ABV