Union Horse Second City Select Single Barrel Bourbon

Union Horse Second City Select Single Barrel Bourbon

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Founded in 2010, Union Horse Distilling Co. is a family owned and operated distillery in Lenexa, Kansas. Midwest born using the best grains, aged in new Missouri oak barrels, non-filtered and small-batched to offer big flavor. Union Horse invites you to experience and taste the very pride that pours out of each bottle.

Their “Reserve” straight bourbon is a whiskey made from a sour mash recipe of 80% corn and 20% rye, distilled in a 500 gallon Vendome copper pot still and barreled at 110 proof and aged for five years. They use five barrels per small-batch which is then proofed down, bottled and hand numbered and signed by Patrick, Union Horse's Master Distiller.

The “Second City” Select single barrel (#1339) is bottled at 120.2 proof and is just under five years old. It follows 2019's single barrel select named "Chicago Select".

You can nose it just by looking at it – its aroma is rich, warm and sticky with caramel notes. A hint of toasted oak and humid tobacco notes follow. The first sip is luscious. It’s creamy and coats your palate with Brach’s old time candy sweetness and a pinch of cracked black peppercorn for balance. It tantalizes you for a quick second sip which lingers on – sit back, relax and smile.