SelvaRey Chocolate Rum

SelvaRey Chocolate Rum

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SelvaRey wanted to break the mold of flavored rums and create something that could hold its own alongside the finest brown spirits. Chocolate and rum have been combined for centuries and sensibly so. They often grow in the same climate and complement each other perfectly.

Rather than use a neutral base spirit like most flavored products, SelvaRey selects a delicious five-year-old rum whose inherent richness is enhanced by the infusion of natural chocolate. SelvaRey Chocolate has quickly become the most awarded flavored spirit ever.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans, Toffee, Cardamom

35% ABV

95 points Tasting Panel
Highest-scoring flavored spirit ever.

First flavored spirit ever awarded the prestigious Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

Gold Medal
Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

SelvaRey (which loosely translates to “King of the Jungle”) was founded in 2014 in California by Seth and Mark Gold (Robert Herzig is also a co-owner); however, the single-estate rum is distilled in Panama. After the rum’s launch, singer Bruno Mars came on board as a co-owner and the “creative vision” of the brand.