Old Pulteney Pineau des Charentes

Old Pulteney Pineau des Charentes

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Pineau des Charentes offers a lighter, sweeter taste layered on signature Old Pulteney flavors, delivering a truly wonderful dram.

Further matured in oak casks that previously held this iconic sweet fortified French wine, it's a new take on Old Pulteney that has to be experienced.

Bronze with pink hue

Fragrant and rich with honey sweetness and vanilla at the base. Intense fruitiness starts jammy and stewed and develops into candied oranges and sticky balsamic raisins. Hints of toasted spices and powder pepper complete this stunning profile.

A lingering finish showcases notes of caramelized hazelnuts and ground spices, broadening in sweetness, and then drying ever so slowly towards a savory finale of coastal minerality.

46% ABV

Old Pulteney Pineau des Charentes marks the introduction of a new collection of whiskies, The Coastal Series, which sees the single malt whisky exploring casks hailing from coastlines across the world, with each cask breathing its local sea air and leaving their own distinctive maritime tastes.