La Luna Tequilana Mezcal

La Luna Tequilana Mezcal

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La Luna Mezcal originates from one of the most abundant states in Mexico. From the sandy coast to the peaks of Las Sierra, Michoacan is filled with tradition, culture and history. Part of that story continues on the lush landscapes surrounding La Luna in traditional vinatas.

Produced in the verdant and mountainous regions of Michoacan, La Luna Mezcal highlights the craftsmanship of families and generations of practice producing artisanal and ancestral mezcal.

At elevations of over 2000 meters, the wild and semi-cultivated agaves are harvested under the moon after reaching full maturity. Shortly thereafter, the pinas are fire roasted in a stone lined earth pit using estate source white oak. The cooked pinas are then macerated, fermented in open-air wood vats before being double distilled in a copper cazo and pinewood still or ancestrally in a clay pot still.

This particular batch was 8 tons; 4 of which were regular sized blue weber and 4 tons were criollo blue weber, all farmed and cultivated in Indaparapeo. Criollo are small heirloom agaves that have more sugar and flavor than their bigger counterparts. The aromas it gave off after cooking and the taste were amazing.

citrus, baking spices, custard, fresh agave, bubblegum

delicate smoke, white pepper, cooked agave

Cook time: 168 hours

Rest time post cooking: 144 hours

Fermentation time: 288 hours