Heaven's Door Refuge Straight Rye Whiskey

Heaven's Door Refuge Straight Rye Whiskey

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Heaven's Door is an award-winning collection of handcrafted American whiskeys developed in partnership with Bob Dylan. The perfect blend of art and craft, each bottle of Heaven's Door showcases Dylan's distinctive welded iron gates that he created in his studio, Black Buffalo Ironworks.

Refuge Straight Rye Whiskey is aged for 6-8 years, blended to ensure consistent maturity has been reached and then finished in Amontillado Sherry casks, boasting a sweet, fruity characteristic that is distinctively rich and refined with notes of dried fruits and a delicate, spicy finish.

Amontillado Sherry is a drier aperitif, which complements the 100% rye mash with notes of leather, nutmeg, and tobacco. The finishing is a delicate process as the rye has already aged over 6 years and reached the desired extraction of oak. Typically, Heaven's Door will finish for up to six months, however, weather and seasons play a momentous roll in in aging and extraction, keeping the blenders on their toes and constantly curating their spirits.

92 Proof - 46% ABV

At least 6 years

Rich and complex, with notes of dark fruit, oak, and spice. The sherry cask finish adds a layer of sweetness and depth to our whiskey, creating a nose that is both fruity and spicy.

The rye whiskey's characteristic spiciness is balanced by the amontillado sherry cask's sweetness and fruitiness. The palate features flavors of dried fruit, honey, caramel, and vanilla, as well as a warming, spicy kick.


"A rye that does appreciably and with confidence show the bright, tangy, tropical fruit side of the grain that produced colonial Americas first successful whiskey." - F. Paul Pacult, Editor, F. Paul Pacults Spirit Journal

2019, Gold - NY World Wine & Spirits Comp.
2019, Gold - SF World Spirits Comp.
2018, 94pts - Ultimate Spirits Challenge
2018, Gold - NY World Wine & Spirits Comp.

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