Calumet Farm Single Rack Black 15yr Bourbon

Calumet Farm Single Rack Black 15yr Bourbon

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William Monroe Wright established Calumet Farm in 1924 on a small farm in Lexington, KY. After Wright's death in 1933, his son Warren began to move the farm's business toward Thoroughbred racing. After developing the farm's stock and pedigree for a short time, the Wright's hired fame horse trainer Ben A. Jones. Through dedication, passion, and hard work, the farm began an unparalleled ascent, eventually topping the horse racing world. This rise to glory would cement Calumet Farm as one of the most dominant names in horse racing history. Over the decades that came, the farm produced 2 Triple Crown winners, 8 Kentucky Derby winners, and 8 Preakness winners. Calumet Farm is proud to have 11 horses in the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame.

It is with the same passion and dedication that they craft this bourbon. Calumet Farm Single Rack Black 15 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey is the pinnacle of the Calumet Farm Bourbon family. It represents the premium quality their brand is known for, as well as the hard-earned badge of patience. Allowing their bourbon to age slowly in Kentucky-only rick houses is a testament to doing things the right way - the way bourbon should be done.  All barrels used to craft these rare batches are aged in a single, center cut rack. This expression of the Calumet Farm Bourbon family is the company's most aged and highest proof to date. It is Non-Chill Filtered for added depth of character and color.

105 Proof - 52.5% ABV
Barreled March 2006
Batch Size: 19 Barrels
74% Corn, 18% Rye, 8% Malted Barley

Deep amber throughout with shimmering highlights of copper and sun-yellow

Upon Uncorking: notes of oak and wood char are notable
After Breathing: complex scents of dark fruit and sweet corn

Bold flavors of oak, aged spice and toasted grains are present while toffee and a subtle smoky-sweetness roll across the palate

A lingering finish mellows, leaving sweet tobacco and rye flavors with a slightly dry mouth feel


About Whirlaway
In 1941, Whirlaway was ready to shock the world with his amazing speed. Whirlaway had a tendency to bolt toward the outside rail. Trainer Ben Jones spent many sessions trying to break the habit with no luck. The more he tried to tame the wild Whirlaway, the more ornery and bold he became. As a last resort, the day before the Kentucky Derby, Ben Jones cuts one of Whirlaway's blinkers away. It works. Whirlaway, ridden by Eddie Arcaro, not only gives Calumet Farm its first Kentucky Derby victory but he does it with an 8-length victory in a record time of 2:01 2/5. Whirlaway subsequently gives Calumet its first Triple Crown after dominating the Preakness and the Belmont races as well. He later added a win at the Travers Stakes to complete the Grand Slam of thoroughbred racing. To date, he is still the only horse in history to ever accomplish this feat. Whirlaway also captures the honored title of 1941 Horse of the Year. To honor the legacy of Calumet Farm and its first Triple Crown winning horse, this exquisite bourbon has been crafted with the same passion and dedication that lead Whirlaway to victory.