Templeton Midnight Rye

Templeton Midnight Rye

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Templeton Midnight Rye pushes the boundaries of innovation by delivering an American Rye Whiskey expertly blended with a subtle touch of Dark Port wine.

This is a unique whiskey, meticulously aged and matured in first-fill American oak barrels and with a touch of port wine expertly layered in and bottled at 45% ABV/90 Proof.

Templeton Midnight is an invitation to savor the extraordinary. The marriage of the rich port wine with the classic rye backbone results in a luxurious texture that invites contemplation with every sip.

A deep, luxurious mahogany hue, hinting at the depth and complexity that lies within each sip.

The nose is an enchanting dance of dark cherries, figs, and a subtle hint of spiced orange peel. The interplay of rich, velvety port wine with the warm aroma of American oak complement each other in spectacular fashion.

A perfect balance of cinnamon, clove, and a touch of dark chocolate, all harmonizing in a sikly, full-bodied texture that coats the palate. The robust spice characteristic of a classic American Rye Whiskey seamlessly intertwines with the luscious sweetness of dark port wine.

A lingering embrace of warmth and satisfaction, leaving behind echoes of dried fruits, oak, and a whisper of black pepper. The 90 proof delivers a bold, yet smooth, finale that lingers in the memory long after the glass is emptied.

45% ABV - 90 Proof