Licor 43 Créme Brulée

Licor 43 Créme Brulée

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This brand new creation is inspired by one of the most famous desserts in the world: Creme Brulee! The result is a delicious cream liqueur that will delight your palate.

Its sumptuous flavor combines the aromas of the botanicals and citrus notes of Licor 43 Original with burnt sugar and vanilla and a surprising hint of salted caramel. A flavor you will not easily forget!

Savor chilled or over ice so the aromas and flavor notes can be fully appreciated.

Light-yellow cream liqueur, with a subtle orange tint.

Its aroma and flavour evoke memories of traditional desserts. The botanical and citrus tones of Licor 43 are harmoniously combined with the salty caramel, further enhacing the vanilla. This way, the distinct dessert taste is brought to life!

Upon sipping it, the silky and creamy texture gives way to the complex aromas, revealing the botanical aromas and citrus fruit notes that are mixed with the vanilla and toasted sugar, not to mention a surprising final dash of salted caramel.

16% ABV