Insolito Blanco Tequila

Insolito Blanco Tequila

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The Herrera Brothers built their distillery high in the Sierra del Tigre mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, where the hot days and cool nights allow for a unique aging process. INSÓLITO arrives from a slow fermentation process enhanced by the altitude, weather and natural spring water. It is twice distilled—in stainless stills instead of copper, preserving the authentic 80% highland x 20% lowland Blue Weber agave, to provide a smooth, clean finish. Finally, each tequila is aged in new American Oak Barrels.

Meant to be sipped and savored, INSÓLITO Blanco showcases the skill and expertise of the Herrera Brothers. The flavor of pure blue agave freshly distilled features herbal and buttery notes with a smooth, balanced finish.

6 weeks

Cooked agave, herbal flavors (basil, mint, anise), citrus and butter

40% ABV

Gold, 2021 - SIP Awards